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The Natural Deodorant Co.

United Kingdom

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The Natural Deodorant Co. launched in 2015 after a long (and unfortunately smelly) search for a natural deodorant that worked. After learning about the potentially harmful effects of conventional deodorants and antiperspirants we wanted to control our body odour using only natural ingredients. The natural deodorants we tried may have ticked the natural box, but sadly a lot was left to be desired in terms of how effective they were. We found ourselves reapplying the product multiple times a day and had no confidence that we would be able to interact in polite society, worrying when body odour would strike. We decided to make our own deodorant and the results were instant, and life-changing! From not being able to last a few hours without beginning to smell, we were now able to last 24 hours easily, and often even longer. We had created a magical formula that was not only natural but did what it promised – it was an effective deodorant above all else. We decided to take this product made only for ourselves and start The Natural Deodorant Co. as a business and we quickly grew our website and began selling to shops all over the world. Over half a million people (over a million armpits!) have now used our deodorants and have joined us on our mission to remain fresh and confident as we go through our days, using only natural ingredients and environmentally friendly packaging.

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