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Our History Une A Une evokes the finesse with which the pearls are strung “one by one”. Creating unique and colourful jewellery to celebrate all the women of the world, a mantra that inhabits us and guides us towards a beautiful invitation to travel since 2012 in our collections. Accompanying you every day and revealing your femininity, this is our promise because our creations have never been as beautiful as you. “Our creations have this extra soul which, beyond sublimating the person who wears them, reveals their unique character to others” Lithotherapy Une A Une is above all a story of stones, their energies and their virtues. Jewels with true purifying powers, we wear them as protective talismans carrying good vibes. For a gift, we choose them according to the personality of the person for an even stronger symbol and reinforced bonds. Want to discover all our stones? Find yours right here!

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