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Beauty is a state of mind. Our ambition is to turn skincare into a daily moment of happiness, because a woman is beautiful when she feels good, and happy people make the world a better place. Launched in 2018, Onérique is a French skincare brand, indie, clean, premium and digital. Our vision of beauty is centered on self-care and well-being. We create simple yet effective skincare routines, with an outstanding emotional design. Our core values: - Happiness unveils beauty. Care and well-being, together. Fragrances, textures, visual identity, materials and shapes are carefully designed to provide a spectacular “feel good” experience right from the start. - Clean. Cosmetics that care, 360° sustainability approach. Our vision of clean beauty : low environmental impact, safety, naturality. Products, ingredients, packaging, transport cycles, emissions compensation projects. We screen it all. No dogmatism, just facts and lot of research. We play by the European rules (EC1223/2009), the safest and more stringent rulebook in the world for manufacturing of cosmetics. - Premium, but with an excellent value for money. We care about details and engineered high quality products that speak for themselves. We avoid unnecessary costs (such as samples, also due to their environmental footprint) that add no value to the product. Designed and manufactured in France.

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